The goals and purpose of this ministry are founded in the following prayer:

Dear Heavenly Father,

We ask Thy blessing on this prayer ministry. May You raise up a throng of prayer warriors to intercede on behalf of all who grace the prayer boxes with their hopes and concerns. May Thy word expressed in Philippians 4:6-7 and Mark 11:22-24 bring light where there is darkness.

May the example of many Christians, the miracle of prayer and Thy works quickly touch everyone, strengthening their hope, faith, and above all love. Guide and comfort all as they face their daily challenges. May each one come to realize how much You love them. Help us all to recognize right from wrong and to turn away from temptation and sin.

Lead all to come to You through Your Son, Jesus Christ, for forgiveness, strength, direction and salvation. In accordance with Thy will, may everyone come to accept Your free gift of eternal grace. In the meanwhile, remind us all (believers and non-believers) that we are all sinners by nature. Lead us to Thy word. Teach us to trust and depend on You for all.

Father, take these prayers and use them to glorify Thy name. Fill all "to the brim", with the Holy Spirit. Extinguish all evil!

We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.


If God is calling you to place a prayer request in this prayer box, we believe the Holy Spirit is already present and that He will guide your prayer composition. You may complete your prayer request using the tear-off slip or any other paper.

Once in the box, your prayer request will be secure until picked up by Intercessors Anonymous couriers. Your prayer request will then be kept confidential and delivered to the prayer group responsible for the prayer box.

Compassion is at the heart of intercessory prayer. Intercessors are believers, who have accepted God's "free" gift of salvation. They will lift up your prayer request to Christ asking Him to grace your life with an unequivocal response. Each request will be uplifted to God daily. Use this box as often as you wish and pray fervently yourself!


This is a ministry of God's works. There will be no follow-up by Intercessors Anonymous. We strongly recommend, when the time is right, that you join Christ's Church and become a member of a Christian denomination adhering to the Scripture. 1